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The Voxgolf app offers a variety competition formats to enter and win, all via your mobile device.


Cashless competition entry on mobile

Find and enter Vox Games directly from your phone. The app offers a cash or cashless option via Credit Card, as well as a location feature which shows games available near you.

Paperless score entry

Once you’re signed into to a game, you can enter your score after each hole on the app. Number of holes, handicap allowance and indices on the digital score card are all tailored to the competition format of the day.

View live leaderboards in real time

During and after play, each competitor can see a live leaderboard shown in real time on the app. Players can track their progress in the standings, as well as viewing fellow participant’s score cards.

Shorter Competitive Golf

VoxGolf is specifically designed to offer competitive golf over a shorter number of holes at times of the week that may not usually offer competitions. The platform allows your club, pro or group to create games beyond the usual 18 hole events.

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